Insider Threat Analyst

Company Name:
Salary period: Annual
TASC is looking for experienced intelligence analyst to support Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment (ITVA) activities within a primary customer of the Intelligence Community (IC).
Candidate will directly support the customer Insider Threat and CI mission while conducting in-depth analysis of intelligence data received from various data sources. Candidate will be proficient in the most current version of the Raytheon/Oakley InnerView Tool Suite and have experience with ArcSight audit tools. Should be familiar with Foreign Intelligence Entity (FIE) and non-state entity use of technology to target, collect, and exploit information and information systems, personnel, and operations.
Candidate will collaborate with host network audit engineers and utilize the results from audit and data mining analysis to prioritize and improve lead generation. Candidate will synthesize information from audit collection, data mining operations and additional sources to compile results into investigative or analytical products, as required.
The ideal candidate shall be able to:
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Support analytic & operational activities to assemble, correlate, evaluate and assess information concerning counterintelligence and insider threats against customer personnel, programs, information systems and/or facilities
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Apply knowledge of attack signatures, tactics, techniques and procedures associated with advanced threats
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Perform event analysis by examining network traffic data, ArcSight and HBSS audit data
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Analyze and disseminate insider threat analysis information
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Perform insider threat analysis, forecasts and threat alerts with recommended countermeasures
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Prepare formal analysis products and reports with findings and recommendations
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Participate in Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DOD) collaboration meetings as required
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Identify intelligence gaps, specify collection requirements to fill gaps in information, evaluate resulting intelligence requirements
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Prepare and presents briefings as an ITVA subject matter expert
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Able to convey solutions in written format and through detailed oral briefings.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Must employ tact and strong professional skills to resolve politically sensitive issues between government and contractor staffs
. We are seeking a well-organized, self-initiating, and problem-solving personality that is complemented by exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. Candidate may work as part of a team of multiple government/contractors. Candidate must be able to take direction and support multiple tasks simultaneously. In addition candidate must:
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Must Possess a current Top Secret/SCI clearance
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ 8+ years of work experience and Bachelor's degree (equivalent professional experience will be considered).
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Ability to work independently or as part of a multi-discipline/multi-organizational team
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Requires an ability to work closely with customers, coordinate across multiple customer and corporate boundaries, and to write clearly and concisely.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Must be able to present analysis and threat assessments to project leads and managers. Candidate will have a comprehensive understanding of the intelligence cycle and architecture, to include planning, collection, research, analysis, and production. Must possess a strong working knowledge of all Microsoft applications and commonly used analytic software tools (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access). Candidate must have a thorough understanding of all source analysis and the proper use of basic analytic tools (i.e. Analyst Notebook).

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